Barkley’s Salon & Spa provides grooming services from some of the top groomers in the Atlanta area who combine the art of grooming and styling with client knowledge for a personalized service.

The goal of the doggy salon is to create an experience that nurtures positivity since grooming is often an unpleasant experience.  Our number one priority is to make your dog feel comfortable.

Central Bark Atlanta also understands the importance of finding the right dog groomer who you like and trust as dog owners.  Our groomers take extra care to listen to your request and cater to your dog’s individual grooming needs.

For a personal consultation or to make an online appointment click here or call (404) 248-2275

Short Hair Spa Bath

Breeds like Labradors, Pitbulls, Dachshunds, etc are short hair

Small (Under 25lbs) $30
Medium (25-75lbs) $35
Large (over 75lbs) $40
All spa baths include bath, nail trim, ear clean, and anal expression.

Long Hair Spa Bath

Breeds like Golden Retrievers, Doodles, etc. are long hair.

Small (Under 25lbs) $40
Medium (25-75lbs) $45
Large (over 75lbs) $55
All spa baths include bath, nail trim, ear clean, and anal expression.

Barkley Cuts

Mini-Groom Starting at $35
Full Groom & Specific Grooms Starting at $45
*All groom prices will be assessed based upon breed of dog and condition of coat

A La Carte Services

Nail Trim $12
Nail Trim (Dremel) $15
Ear Cleaning $5
Teeth Brushing $5
Furminator™ (reduces shdedding 60 – 80%)
*purchased in addition to a groom or spa bath
+$15 for small dog*
+$20 for medium dog*
+$25 for large dog*
Brush Out $10
Gland Expressions $5


Grooming News

Anal Gland Expression
August 29, 2016

Anal glands are two very small, oval-shaped glands that are located just under the skin in the back of a dog around the anus. One of the most common issues with anal glands is inflammation, which can cause many problems including odor and potential discomfort for Fido.  Typically, a healthy gland will empty any fluid […]

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Grooming Special: Spa Baths For All Dogs
July 1, 2016

Central Bark Doggy Day Care Atlanta is offering something new to their menu of dog grooming delights. When it comes to dog grooming it’s best to take your dog somewhere they already feel comfortable, a place that is familiar. This Atlanta doggy day care now offers spa baths for all breeds and all sizes. All […]

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