At Central Bark Doggy Day Care Atlanta, Ohio native Caren Lloyd heads up the Private School lessons. Lloyd, an ABC-CPT Animal Behavior College Certified Pet Trainer, traveled to Atlanta from Ohio State with Habitat for Humanity and during the trip to Stone Mountain made the decision that this was where she wanted to live. The energy in Atlanta was just different. After graduation, Lloyd started her career with the Education Department at Zoo Atlanta.

Lloyd explains that the key to dog training is to understand “why” certain dogs do certain things. Lloyd doesn’t just understand dogs she has experience training over 200 exotic species of animals from rodents to psittacines.

Understanding the dynamic between the pet and the parent is another key to dog training. Behavioral issues are actually the number one cause for dogs being surrendered to shelters.

The best part about dog training at Central Bark Atlanta, according to Lloyd, is the staff. Dog training is a difficult task, where performance reflects leadership. In her extensive career, Lloyd has seen things that have made her shutter, but Central Bark is a safe place where dogs are treated like royalty because of the amount of love resonating from everyone in the facility.

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