Enrichment Day Care at Central Bark® Doggy Day Care

“We are very excited to share this new day care service option with you and your dog!” – Lindsay, Owner

Enrichment Day Care at Central Bark® Doggy Day Care combines safe and fun physical play with mental stimulation through a variety of activities and rest time. It gives your dog more personalized attention, making it perfect for dogs who do well with smaller, shorter playgroups.

What dogs would benefit from Enrichment Day Care?

Every dog can benefit from Enrichment Day Care, but it’s particularly good for shy dogs, wallflowers and older dogs who do better in smaller groups. It’s also beneficial for high-energy dogs or dogs who become too excited in large groups.

How is Enrichment Day Care different from regular day care?

Enrichment Day Care divides the dog’s day up into different “classes” similar to a school day where your pup will get more one-on-one time with their handlers. They’ll also get treats and toys at different “stations” of educational activities to exercise their brains and their bodies.

After a well-balanced day of play, learning and rest, your dog will be better behaved, mentally fulfilled and physically healthy.

What does Enrichment Day Care include?

Enrichment Day Care combines safe and fun physical play with mental stimulation through a variety of activities and rest time. Your dog will rotate through a variety of “stations,” including:

Training Tutor

Our training experts work with your dog on basic commands, recall, door control, loose-leash walking, distraction work, and polite greetings with humans and dogs – both on and off leash.

Small Group Play

5 dogs at a time participate in physically stimulating, targeted group play, including use of tug toys, treat rewards and more personalized time with our enrichment specialist.

Rest Period Enrichment

Each dog gets semi-supervised downtime in its own crate with an enrichment toy. This gives dogs a chance to self-soothe and calm themselves down after their high-energy learning and play time.

FitPAWS®/Agility Work

Our skilled training staff will work with your dog on specific agility skills, including jumping, place-work, movement through obstacle courses, and using FitPAWS® equipment.

Large Group Play

Dogs spend time with all their regular day care friends. Here they will get to put their Training Tutor skills to work while integrating in with our day care program.


Rest Time

Rest is an important part of healthy play and learning. It allows dogs a chance to take a break during their fun filled day and then come back a rested and ready student.

After a balanced day of play, learning, and rest, your pup will be not only better behaved, but healthy, well-balanced, and both mentally and physically tired.

Call (404) 248-BARK or email atlanta@centralbarkusa.com to set up a time to learn more or send us a message.

Please note: Because we use treats and toys in Enrichment Day Care, please provide a list of any food allergies or sensitivities, and a report of any tendencies towards chewing and/or destruction of toys. This will help us ensure the safety of your dog during all elements of Enrichment Day Care.