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Congratulations, Liam, Our August Dog of the Month!

August 2, 2017 :: Posted by cbatlanta

Our Liam comes to see us everyday, immediately giving everyone he meets a standard edition “Liam Hug.” He gives the BEST hugs. Liam parties with all his friends, loving the kiddie pools, his kong balls, and even getting his hair cuts with Nik! Liam is truly the happiest kid on the block, and we are […]

Fourth of July Safety

July 3, 2017 :: Posted by meagan

While it may seem like an obvious warning, the Fourth of July is not necessarily dog friendly. People who buy fireworks often start experimenting with them well before the actual holiday and sometimes long after the holiday is over. Whatever plans you have going on for the Fourth of July be sure to take into […]

Congratulations, Avery, Our July Dog of the Month!

July 3, 2017 :: Posted by cbatlanta

Miss Avery comes to see us each day with a little something sassy in her step.  She’s cute, and she knows it, and we LOVE it!  Avery is the princess of the playground, partying it up with all her friends.  She is truly the perfect “day care dog,” and loves every minute of her time […]

Research Says Dog Owners Walk More Than Non Dog Owners

June 16, 2017 :: Posted by meagan

It turns out, the best thing about your dog might not be their unconditional love.  A new study suggests there’s yet another benefit to owning a dog – you walk more. In a study recently published in BMC Public Health it was determined that dog owners, on average, walked 22 minutes more per day compared […]

Congratulations, Guido, our June Dog of the Month!

June 1, 2017 :: Posted by cbatlanta

Mr. Guido may look small, but don’t let him fool you, this kid parties with the big kids!  Guido’s big personality fits right in with our larger pups, and he runs around like a champ to show off to them!  Guido is our happy little man who loves to snuggle with our staff when he […]