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Congratulation, Molly, Our June Dog of the Month!

June 4, 2018 :: Posted by cbatlanta

Oh golly, Ms. Molly!  Molly’s sassy pants bring her into day care every day with a happy dance.  She (and her sweet mama) helps us start the day with a smile.  Molly may be little, but boy does she party with the big kids and lets them know she’s in charge.  Ms. Sassifras is as […]

Congratulations, Booker and Bailey, our May Dogs of the Month!!

May 3, 2018 :: Posted by cbatlanta

This dynamic duo are legitimate twins (despite appearances), and never do anything without the other! They come in each visit and know the routine, run out to group, and assume their positions as playgroup supervisors! When Booker goes to play with a friend, Bailey watches to make sure she approves of his choices, and is […]

Congratulations, Finn, Our April Dog of the Month!

April 2, 2018 :: Posted by cbatlanta

Mr. Finn is our social butterfly.  Have a pup who’s shy on their first day?  Introduce them to Finn and they immediately come out of their shell!  Have a pup with too much energy to burn?  Finn is the best wrestling partner in town!  Have a pup who needs a friend to distract them?  Have […]

Congratulations, Elgar, Our March Dog of the Month!

March 2, 2018 :: Posted by cbatlanta

Our sweet Elgar is such a sophisticated gentleman.  He comes to see us each week, human siblings in tow, and waits patiently while his family leaves him at school.  Once he sees them safely get in the car, he is free to start his day!  While not a wrestler or social butterfly, Elgar is our […]

Congratulations, Sebastian, Our February Dog of the Month!!

February 2, 2018 :: Posted by cbatlanta

Our Sebastian, so dapper in his bow tie, comes to see us each day with a pep in his step and a smile on his face!  He has been working SO hard with his mom on his training and manners, and boy does it show!  He is so polite and well behaved, but that does […]