Intro To Hot Spots

Added on May 26, 2016

Hot spots are a skin condition that affects a large majority of dogs every day. Best explained as a condition that involves an area of skin that has become inflamed, these are also referred to as pyotramatic or moist dermatitis.

A hot spot is easy to identify. The skin will appear moist, red and possibly ooze. Don’t let your pup’s sunny disposition fool you either hot spots are painful! Some dogs will try to lick or chew the area to achieve some sort of relief. This doesn’t actually work and can actually make the spot worse.

Ultimately, anything that irritates the skin or makes it itch can lead to the development of a hot spot on dogs. Some of the most common reasons for hot spots include food allergies, fleas, skin wounds and mites. A hot spot is formed by a bacterial infection developing by taking advantage of damaged skin. The infection is deep in the dog’s skin and can also be identified by an unmistakable odor.

In order to get rid of a hot spot the bacterial infection needs to be treated. In addition to regular treatment, another goal is to provide the dog with some sort of immediate relief. The hair in and around the area is usually clipped to allow for cleaning and topical medicine. Oral antibiotics are also usually prescribed for a three to four day period.

If there is any question about a skin condition on your pup, the best thing to do is to consult a local veterinarian to see if there is anything that needs immediate treatment.

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