The Importance of Regular Grooming

Added on November 30, 2015

We all love our pets – I mean dogs are man’s best friends right? Sometimes we can forget how very important it can be to keep our furry friends properly groomed. We’ve all been there, work and kids are keeping us busy and a thousand other things pop up to suck up our time. Surely, missing a bath isn’t the end of the world right?

Well, proper grooming habits are essential to the health of your furry four legged family for many of the same reasons it is for your less furry two legged ones.

Regular brushing goes a long way towards a healthy, shiny coat and skin and should be done frequently. Brushing prevents matting of the fur that can lead to skin irritation and provides living space for pests, not something we want. Also, this provides an opportunity to check for any injuries, rashes, or unusual bumps on the skin that may need tended to or checked by the veterinarians. Five minutes a day could save your best friends life. Besides, running a comb through your pet’s fur is a wonderful way for both of you to let go of the stress of the day and develop an even closer bond.

Imagine waking up in the morning and slipping into yesterday’s gym cloths to go to work. Not a pleasant prospect is it? Itchy, smelly, and all kinds of uncomfortable is not how I’d like to face the day. Your dog’s fur coat is his clothing, and clean clothing is important for healthy skin. You shouldn’t bathe your dog too often, as it can lead to dry itchy skin (and doggy dandruff is no fun), but every 2-3 weeks should be fine.

Regular trimming of the coat will simplify all the other grooming activities, and will help your pet look their best. Long haired breeds especially benefit from regular trims, experts say that the pets who shed the least are long-haired dogs that are short-trimmed.

We all get busy. Life just happens. But a few minutes a day will lead to many happy days for you and your pet. And for those times that you can’t find the time, or you just want to give your dog a treat and have him pampered, Central Bark Doggy Day Care is the perfect place to go. He’ll leave clean, happy, and ready to show off.

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